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A while back I posted about a downloadable IM client from MySpace and it is now available for download. They’re calling it MySpaceIM. The really funny thing about this is that just yesterday, some news came out about AIM’s forthcoming AIM Pages [article, screenshot], which is being touted as a MySpace killer. Anyone with an AIM screen name will have access to a create a page:[name here]. This is another potential place for your library’s content to be discovered. The whims of the market make doing a great job of putting a library’s content into popular websites a potentially time consuming task, but one that has great promise for increased exposure and relevance. I’m just waiting for some large, metropolitan library system to have an official presence on AskMetafilter. Imagine the cred the library would get from its town’s geek and netizen population, a group of people who often get their content needs met without libraries.

MySpace and AIM will only woo people to their products if there’s serious value added over sticking with the IM client/online profile service in which they’re already firmly entrenched. Which illustrates that libraries need to clearly define and promote the value we add to the content and computers in our buildings to woo people that are firmly entrenched in non-library content acquisition and use.

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  1. Has any of you used yet? I’m wondering how this isn’t spyware. We have filters on our computers that filters out the chat feature on some of the computers in our library, but not all. We don’t know which ones have the chat feature on or off. I’m sure we can find out, but for now, we have people asking us which ones will let them chat.

    With gabbly being a web based chat feature, the question of filtering isn’t a problem at all. I’m just wondering if we should tell our patrons about this program. doesn’t really go over their privacy policy very well.

    Thanks, Karen

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