best library myspace yet, and a request

Take a peek at the Denver Public Library’s MySpace, found at For a number of reasons, it is one of the best library MySpaces I’ve seen. They’ve included music playing on their page, like every normal MySpace around, they’re networking with YA authors and cool bands, it has a visually appealing background, and, the page links back to content on their main website.

Also, has anyone written a policy especially for MySpace? I received an email:

We are developing a MySpace Page for our teen users but, before we can actually get the go-ahead from our director, we need a Myspace policy. I was hoping to look to see what policies other MySpaced libraries have put into place in order to get an idea of where to begin with ours.

Does your library have a policy in place for MySpace? If so, I would love to take a look at it.

I’m not sure what policy for a library’s use of a specific social software site would look like. Considering some libraries can’t change the location of their pencil sharpener without a forming a committee and drafting a report, chances are that some libraries will “need” policy for the use of social software. I would argue, however, that a library’s basic online policy could cover the using things like Flickr, MySpace,, etc..Here’s a relevant portion of the TFML’s Online Privacy Policy:

The Internet represents a world of resources and organizations beyond the walls of the Library. This website provides links to other sites that the Staff feels are valuable in some way. However, the Library cannot take responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of these linked Internet resources, their privacy policies, or their use of personal information. As an Internet user, be aware that some material found on the Internet may be considered offensive.

What’s different about linking to websites that happen to hold some of our content? I don’t think there’s any difference.

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  1. I think it’s a good idea to try myspace for a library … but when I went to the site, it didn’t really appear to have much activity from the teens themselves. That’s really the hard part, isn’t it? I see a number of “friends” but based on today, there really weren’t any messages or comments from kids. What other libraries are doing myspace?

  2. Best yet they feature some of the better music I’ve heard on a MySpace page, and it’s even a local band!

    The MySpace page does really feel like the rest of the website, since all of their “interests” link back to

  3. I just caught this article about MySpace. After hearing about libraries blocking MySpace on their library computers and discussing the pros and cons of being so cautious about perceived threats, I came accross this site:
    This was a perspective on blocking I hadn’t even considered.
    Can you imagine? A college banning a site that is involved in 40% of its traffic? 40%! That’s a bold move, destined to sully your reputation with your “users”.

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