internet tips & tricks, book trailers via animoto

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the morning at the Lansing Public Library in Illinois. I gave a presentation titled “Internet Tips and Tricks” all about being an efficient user of all the fun stuff on the web. I’d never given the presentation before so it was quite a treat! I’ll be at the Metropolitan Library System in Burr Ridge, IL on Monday giving it again if you’re around and it looks good to you :) Here’s a page with a link to a PDF of the presentation and links to most of the things I mentioned: Internet Tips & Tricks.

The best part about it was getting an email from Kelly just a few hours after the presentation:

Brandi, one of the youth/Teen staff had been asking a few weeks ago how she could go about beginning to make a book trailer.

You made her day, and she already has one online and on our teen blog:

Here it is:

Nice work, Brandi!

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