introducing "walking paper scraps"

I was playing around with google reader’s “share” feature yesterday and learned that blog posts in gReader can be shared with one click. Shared items are sent to a (slightly ugly) page that gReader creates, and they provide some javascript for creating a sidebar of your side items. The sidebar is fairly customizable and looks something like this:

Initially I was all excited to use this way easy tool to create a little sidebar linkblog and give you all the URL for the RSS feed. Upon further inspection, I didn’t really like the way it looked in my sidebar (picky, picky, I know) and didn’t care for how the feed displayed in an aggregator. In fact, I found the way that these feeds appear in an aggregators to be a bit dishonest. It displays the shared posts exactly as they appear in the original blogs without even stating the title of the blog from which they came:

These negatives, along with the fact that I couldn’t add in any small bits of commentary should I desire, lead me to drop the idea of using this google reader feature. However, I’m still a bit fixated on doing some link-bloggy type posting. Once I get something in my head! Usually I have a bunch of tabs open that are at least tangentially related to topics covered on walking paper but I never share them. I might not have much to say about the links but you might enjoy them regardless. Or more!

I installed a Press It bookmark in firefox to facilitate posting and to get closer to that holy grail of one click publishing. If anyone has any “make blogging even easier” tools like ecto that they’d encourage me to try, I’m all ears. So look for some posts titled “walking paper scraps.

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  1. Is there some reason that delicious doesn’t work for this? I maintain some sort of list of stuff there with a certain tag — “addme” for example — and then I can pull it in using feed2js which is pretty styleable and add notes at the same time. From then on, anything you post to delicious with the tag sidebar or whatever would go into a dynamic sidebar on your site.

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