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I haven’t yet put up my content from PLA, so now’s the chance. In place of putting up my small presentation, I’ll link to my standard, longer, IM presentation. I also said a few words about MySpace and gaming, so I’ll include a few links about those topics here:

whose space
library myspace account action
how about some fun?

Thanks to the big crowd for the great session. One of the most provocative comments was from a woman who told us her local news station has run a few scare stories about MySpace. The climate in which she lives wouldn’t be to keen for her library to use MySpace. I’m sure many people are in a similar situation. Something that I didn’t mention until after the session is that we’re going to offer a MySpace class, for adults, this Fall. Parents needs just as much education on the topic as kids, yeah? Burying our heads in the sand isn’t the right approach to this issue. Kids need role models to mimic, and they’re not getting that right now. Your library MySpace will help kids learn about maintaining an appropriate online presence!

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  1. I spoke with a Library Director not too long ago who was considering if access to MySpace should be blocked on their public stations. Ultimately, they decided against it, but I can’t see that library rushing to put up their own page, either.

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