Apple refurbished the North/Clybourn stop of the red line in Chicago and it looks much nicer than it did before. It also opens up to a plaza at which an Apple store sits on the other side. Convenient, that!



I haven’t been to the stop yet but imagine that it’s lovely. A win/win for the citizens of Chicago and Apple or corporate co-opting of the public? I don’t know. It makes me uncomfortable. Would it feel even creepier if the corporation involved was one that people loved to hate, like Walmart or McDonald’s? Oh wait, some people do love to hate Apple.

Every day people are voting for Apple (and Microsoft and whatever else) with their dollars. It would be easy to just wish that they’d cast their some of their votes for public services but that’s asking a lot. Too much. Libraries need to first be worth voting for and then demonstrate that they’re worth voting for. The real rub is that it would be easier for us to do this if we had more money in the first place, right?

Right. But we also know that there are plenty of things we can do to endear our libraries to the communities they serve.

2 thoughts on “iStop”

  1. I love this station because the old one was scary and nasty. So far I have not heard anyone say anything negative. I think the general feeling is: if the state/city can’t do it (i.e. remodel the stations) – why not let Bog Money do it up right?

  2. All I can say is thank God they finally finished the Apple Store. For a year or more, the street going south on Halsted was only one lane due to the construction. Now that it’s finished, it looks like an air-craft hanger.

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