A Lesson via Design Theft

Rapha is a London based cycling apparel company that makes super nice gear. They really seem to be committed to quality and their website is quite nice.

Primal Wear makes cycling apparel that is stylistically the opposite of Rapha. I don’t know if their stuff if nice to wear or not. Regardless, they’ve chosen to fully rip off Rapha’s website. Shamelessly.

What’s most interesting about this to me are the differences beyond the two homepages. The Primal Wear site is still decent looking but lacks the great narrative focused photographs and text that Rapha uses to draw people in.

Take a look at the pages at the individual item level.

Rapha’s visual design has clearly been pilfered but upon closer inspection the difficult stuff – the overall strategy and engaging content – can’t as easily be nicked.

The lesson here for libraries? Your homepage is only so important. And the visual design of your site is important, but if you can’t easily improve it you can always make gains by improving what the visual design is there to support: the content.

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