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myspace messenger
UPDATE 3.14 – Skagirlie notes that the link I gave is now a redirect to MySpace’s homepage. So here are two links to rather boring screenshots:

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In all of the talks I give on IM I mention “the big three” IM networks: AOL, Yahoo, and MSN. Looks like that trinity will have to make room for another major player. Naturally in beta (and not even live yet), here’s a link to the page: MySpace Messenger. No wonder IM inside of MySpace has been “broken” for a few months. Some people are thinking that this could take some of AIM’s marketshare away, and knowing how popular MySpace is, I don’t doubt it.

What a wonder opportunity this will be for libraries to provide a positive model for kids using MySpace. Yes, this is “one more thing” to think about regarding user-centered services, but we must be comfortable with change. People’s information habits and preferences change, so we have two choices: adapt or die!

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  1. Looks like a lame rip off of MSN Messenger, personally, I couldn’t care less for this ‘myspace messenger’.
    Myspace was a new type of self-billbording, but messenger is old and lame. It won’t fly.

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