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A staff member here finally got her hands on one of our MP3 players after having to wait a few weeks. Upon checking it out she asked, “How long can I have this for? Two weeks?” She was concerned about finishing the book she had on the player. Funny thing is that I saw her the next day and she was nearly done with the book. She said it had made walking, gardening, and cleaning very enjoyable. I loaded another title on the player immediately. Who knows? She might listen to 5 (or more) books during her 2 week period.

With any luck she’ll mention her zeal for books on mp3 to the knitting club next thursday and they’ll all place holds. Getting staff acquainted with new technoligies and training them to use it is good for a number of reasons. Patron questions are more easily fielded, for one. Also, at smaller libraries, or any library where employees live in the community, staff are great marketers. If they are excited about books on mp3 or wireless in the library, they’ll spread the word to their friends and neighbors. Rick here (my own personal zen reference guru) saw two ‘evangelists’ speak at PLA (for MSFT and Real), so why can’t we have them too? Well, besides the fact that it is a creepy title.

I can see it now: I’ll be riding my bike through town, proclaming the joys of the library. I went to the library and I saw the light. I’ve been SAVED! No more will I be burdened by my T-Mobile iniquties at Starbucks, no longer will I fruitlessly caress my keyboard calling upon google, no more will I be enchained by 14 cassettes for an audiobook. I have been freed by the library!

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