how about some fun?

The topic of putting content where our users will find it (instead of keeping it locked away on our websites) deserves to be taken seriously. I was pleased to see the discussion at Librarian In Black about MySpace, a prime example of a potential place to put our data. MySpace deserves to be taken especially seriously because by some reports it gets more traffic than google. You like for your content to be findable via Google, right? Well why not MySpace?

One thing missing in all of the serious talk about libraries and MySpace is the fact that MySpace is, well, not entirely serious. This struck me as I was reading the profile for the UIUC Undergrad Library, as well as comments from students.

Ohhh…the time spent studying with you. Misses you…*muah*. Go Illini!


I love the Undergrad Library.

I love the Undergrad Library so much that I am even there right now!

Welcome to Myspace.

I’m all for our libraries being fun, and having fun with our users. Am I wrong in thinking that “fun” falls within the scope of meeting the entertainment needs of our users?

7 thoughts on “how about some fun?”

  1. I’ve seen so many library job postings where one of the prerequisites is “good sense of humor.” One would think that a sense of humor could be shared outside the confines of a cubicle farm or conference table. Like, you know, with the patrons.

  2. I quote my good friend the Cat in the Hat when I write “fun is good”. Speaking of hats, as a librarian I wear many–most of these hats I created myself, and they are shaped funny and look ridiculous and are edible. Relating to people is an important part of my job. Having a good sense of humor is natural way to connect with others, and connecting is vital for sharing, learning, teaching and telling folks where the bathroom is.

  3. I’ve recently been reading articles that mention that youth/young people might not want us in “their space”. That they might consider the presence of either their local library or their college library an invasion of their private social space. (Like running into a professor at a local rave – some students might think this kind of creepy.) What are your thoughts about this?

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