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Some days are rather busy.

Here are some notes I put together for my talk with some Canadian librarians this afternoon. The talk was through the Education Institute and titled “Socialize Your Library”.

I just got back from a local library and gave a talk about spyware. No link yet because I just used an old powerpoint for that.

In a few hours (2am for me!! – ha!), Sarah and I get to use Skype and Jybe to communicate with a bunch of folks in the Netherlands. Like some other IM talks I’ve done (including one to an enthusiastic audience last Friday in Edwardsville, IL) this one is called “Having A Phone”. Since we joined forced for this one, there are all sorts of good bits from Sarah in the notes, as well as a distillation of her thoughts on the new Question Point (on which I’m getting trained later this month).

I hope these get some use!

4 thoughts on “links for listeners and others”

  1. And thanks for the slides, which are great–just to let you know, though, the “next” links aren’t working on some of them (mostly towards the end).

  2. Hi Aaron, we had a great time and learned alot from the presentation. Afterwards we had a lively discussion on the how’s of offering IM. But i’m sure within a year we will have at least more libraries in Holland doing it than today (not so hard with just one public library ;-)
    Next time, you and Sarah fly over to Holland!

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