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The Park Ridge Public Library here in Illinois got a nice write up in their local paper. “Library to try lending video games” states that only one board member voted “no” on the idea. It’s interesting that the board had to approve this idea.

“Kids throughout Park Ridge kept coming up to me and asking why we didn’t have video games for circulation,” she said.

After awhile, Odlevak began asking herself the same question. She began conducting research and said she discovered that libraries around the country are starting to add video games to their collections.

Odlevak will actually purchase the video game titles based on what young adults are requesting. Games that involve sports, popular movies, history and education will make up the bulk of the collection.

Odlevak said she has not conducted a formal survey to determine what young adults want, but she has received feedback by working with them on a daily basis.

Just hanging out and listening to them has been my survey,” she said.[emphasis mine]

There are some funny and interesting comments on the digg thread discussing this, including info on libraries that are already doing this in Canada, and the UK.

…is this a good idea? And why couldn’t they do this when I was a kid?

Guess this person can’t use the library anymore as an adult?

This makes me wish I had a digg account so I could take part in this conversation about content in libraries.

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