I Have a Problem with Crayola Twistables

Okay, folks. File this one under “I’m using my site to rant” and/or “Clearly there are more important things to think about.”

In a restaurant the other night I noticed these things. Instead of peeling back the paper to expose more crayon , one twists the plastic around the crayon. I understand that these keep the crayons the same size, sure, but doesn’t it seem a bit much?

Let’s look back at when crayons were crayons and the packaging wasn’t gross.

Ah, the oft coveted box of 64 with built-in sharpener.

By the way, get off my lawn.

8 thoughts on “I Have a Problem with Crayola Twistables”

  1. I have never been more disappointed in a company as I am right now with Crayola. With all the problems of too many non-recyclable plastic products polluting the world, not to mention the unsafe plastics coming out of China, Crayola chooses to move from paper covers, which are a renewable resource, to plastic?! I will no longer purchase any Crayola products, and I am going right to their website now to lodge a complaint there, too. How unbelievably irresponsible of them. :(

  2. These have been around for years in Australia, although they weren’t Crayola they were called Zooms when I was a kid. And they’re very practical.

  3. I haven’t tried these but as a mom I love the idea (other than the environmental impact mentioned above). My kids pull the paper off and get tiny pieces everywhere. Not to mention that my 2-year old eats crayons like they are going out of style. At least with twistables she would get smaller doses of colored wax.


  4. My kids have these, and they actually suck. They break and there’s no way to get the broken crayon piece back in the plastic casing.

    However, they also have a 96-crayon box (classic style) and they love that thing. They actually call it their “96,” as in, “Mom, can you get me my 96? I’m going to draw a robot.”

    So everything will be okay. I promise.

  5. Try soy crayons – better for the enviro overall as they are not made from petroleum. Safer, non-toxic, and you won’t have a duck if your kid eats them.

    Plastic on crayons……shudder. Shan

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