a message from the library

This afternoon the YA librarian sent me an instant message. Here’s a snippet of our conversation:

ianmckndrck: there is a whole gang here
ianmckndrck: from last night
ianmckndrck: wanting to play
ianmckndrck: I said no, because I can’t supervise
ianmckndrck: but they are hanging out now
ianmckndrck: just reading and talking
xxagentcooperxx: NICE
xxagentcooperxx: I LOVE IT
ianmckndrck: so funny
ianmckndrck: I felt so bad telling them no

How about that?! Maybe if we do the right things and really engage teenagers on their own terms it isn’t terribly difficult to get them in the library after all.

If you’re confused about this, the previous post another successful DDR night might help

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