I don’t do much quick linking here, but if no one else is going to post about this, I will. Why? Because it combines two great things: IM and RSS.

This service let’s you subscribe to RSS feeds via an IM account. It works though a bookmarket named “monitor this” which you can click on a page that has a feed. Then you simply select a service and screen name.

So I can tell to send updates from a blog to a screen name, and when the feed is updated, it pings the screen name. Neat. When I tried this out, there was no validation, so this service is high on the prankability scale.

I’m not sure how it really is. I my test subscription took about 1 minute. Also, you might get a “Application error Rails application failed to start properly” message since people are likely hammering their server right now.

I couldn’t see having all of my subscriptions coming in though IM, but perhaps it would be good for following some feeds closely for a set period of time. Play and enjoy! And remember, Tom the Turkey is your friend!

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  1. Thanks for the post.

    Actually, when you create an account requests that you respond to its “subscribe request”. If you don’t it wont send you any messages. This is that thin in, say, MSN Messenger that you get when a person requests to be on your contact list.

    Also, we’re trying to clean up the HTML as much as possible accomodating the strange differences between all the services.

    Any ideas you have for improvement will be greatly appreciated!


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