this time its personal

When people ask, “How can I get my staff or coworkers interested in blogs/RSS/IM what have you?” I have a usual response. It goes something like this: People get excited about a certain technology when it does cool things for them. Since there’s a blog about any imaginable topic, it isn’t difficult for someone to receive up to date, neat info regarding something about which they’re passionate. Getting a knitting enthusiast hooked up with some knitting RSS feeds can make the whole thing click. Getting someone a screen name so they can chat with a distant relative can turn on some lightbulbs.

Here’s a screenshot from the iTunes of a podcast about which I can get excited! [via pugblog]

One thought on “this time its personal”

  1. You’re absolutely right! I was showing a colleague librarians’ blogs, but she didn’t really get interested until I showed her foodie blogs. I should have done that first, as she LOVES food and recipes and so on. :)

    I also got someone’s attention when I pointed out that using Google to find stuff will turn up blog posts, so as a librarian you better know what you’re looking at (even if you think blogs are a waste of time)!

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