A Conversation from Twitter

The DCPL has a decent following on Twitter. It is especially good considering the rather laissez faire approach we’ve taken to promoting our account. Time to make an effort to remedy that, I think. To get started with the promotion: You can follow us at @dcpl.

The fact that we have over 1500 followers is good only in that it increases the chances of us having meaningful conversations with people. This is important because many of our followers are actually people in DC.

I was impressed with an exchange I noticed the other day and would like to show you.

Twitter user Tamikalashelle registers a complaint that she couldn’t find some info on our website and has a library question:


A DCPL twitterer (there are a few of us) responds in a pretty much classic “we’re here listening to you on Twitter” way:


This response evidently worked for her. She went from having a gripe with the library and saying negative things to being excited about the library and a vigorously retweeteing our stuff:


I’m not quite sure how to measure the effectiveness of a library’s presence on Twitter but as long as I keep seeing people communicating with the library and helping to amplify our voice it seems worth our time.

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  1. Having a presence on the internet is usually a big help. Some people may be hesitant to ask personally or would rather have the information before they have to walk out the door.
    Will Cityville

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