talking to youth

“I don’t know what I’d do without IM. I’d be, like, so bored.”

Yes, that’s an acutal quote. To spread the word about the library IMing, I’ve started to approach groups of kids, handing them the cards I’ve printed out, and asking them if they IM. The results of my informal polling have been interesting. Nearly all junior high respondants use IM while some highschooler respondants don’t. Many of the younger youth completely take IM for granted, like adults think of telephones; they’ve always been a tool for communication.

Also, and I can’t recall who mentioned this to me, I heard something interesting about buddy lists the other day. Having a buddy list chock-full of screen names is a status symbol in some circles. It must be a sign of popularity. How popular is your library?

update: michael told me about buddy lists being status symbols. I totally stole that. See his post, please.

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