planning for tech workshop @ IL 2005

This morning Michael and I gave a workshop on planning for technology in libraries. One very interesting thing to note from the morning is that 100% of the people in the workshop have WiFi in their institutions. How’s that for saturation, right? I found this encouraging. Out of all the technologies we mentioned, here are the few that people found the most interesting.

hot technologies

2 thoughts on “planning for tech workshop @ IL 2005”

  1. It’s very cool, but I don’t know if it’s all that encouraging that people attending Internet Librarian all work at libraries with wifi. You’re speaking to an audience that obviously is interested enough in technology to come and/or who have employers smart enough to send them. The questions is, how to we reach the librarians:

    1. whose libraries don’t have wifi
    2. who don’t live in metropolitan areas
    3. whose libraries don’t have the budget to travel to out of state conferences
    and 4. who don’t know/care about technology or what it can do for them and their patrons.

    I see a lot of that in Vermont (even in academia). How do we get the message out to these folks who don’t read blogs, aren’t really that interested in technology, and can’t get to conferences outside of VT?

    Still wish I were there, though :( Have fun!!!

  2. Meredith,

    Sure, I’ll admit it is a skewed group of people. However, I’m sure that if I would have asked this question 2 years ago, there wouldn’t have been 100% saturation. My point here is that progress has been made with wifi, so interest will continue on to more small/rural libraries soon.

    the “getting the info to the people” issue certainly is important, but perhaps a bit different.

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