greetings from the mount rushmore state

I’m in Pierre /pîr/ to talk with some librarians about using weblogs. The second leg of my trip here was an amazing flight on a small Beech 1900 turboprop. I was in seat 1a, so I had a clear view of the pilots and their cockpit. When we landed it was seriously just like trying to land on the aircraft carrier in Top Gun for NES. Honest Abe, when we landed and someone congratulated the copilot on the landing in windy weather, he replied, “We were lucky!”

I didn’t see any of the conference today, but I did walk around a bit and saw something new to me, but perhaps an old idea. There are a few tables set up for a book swap. There are so many books, in fact, that they were quite messy and unlibrarianlike. This is a good thing though because it means the swap was being used.

Also, I went to dinner with some librarians from South Dakota, and learned that one of them hosts a weekly library related radio show on the local station. What a great way to get into the community! I wonder if the high school station would pass me the mic for an on air book discussion.

Oh, and I also met David King’s mother-in-law!

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