making headway

You might remember that I have started to make up little cards with a library IM address on it, in hopes of attracting YA patrons (and others) to use library services.

I’ve printed about 30 of them; most of them are gone. I noticed one YA using the backside of it to record a call number. A few questions have come so far, but no crazy critical mass where we have to hire someone to IM full time though. That comes later.

One intereting thing happened today. Someone accidently sent an IM to me. It happened to be someone that had never IMed me before. We’ve all done it, sent a message to person X that was totally out of context for person Y. He apologized, I replied that it wasn’t a problem, and that he should IM me if he had a question.

I was nearly in disbelief that this occured. He had added me to his buddy list, presumably as backup when he needs some help. Maybe he is just curious about how much we’re (I’m) on, or something to that effect, but I don’t really care. We’re on his buddy list.

Amazing, really.

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