New Creating Future Libraries Notebooks Coming Soon

artwork-1 Immediately after the first run of Creating the Future for Libraries notebooks were released and sold out I started taking orders for the next batch. I had an idea of what I wanted to do for the second version but it took me a few attempts to be happy with the design.

They are being printed this week. Here’s a little preview. When they’re available I’ll tell you about the really great library resource I used for inspiration.

10 thoughts on “New Creating Future Libraries Notebooks Coming Soon”

  1. The preview already looks great!
    I am so glad I already pre-ordered with you. :)
    Can’t hardly wait for your new idea. They are inspiring and it is so fun inspiring people around me.
    Tanx :)

  2. Would love to have one and may have pre-ordered…or maybe it was just to be alerted…but if you’re reserving, count me in — to Canada (let me know the postage)
    Great blog, ideas…thanks!
    Deborah Black

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