creating a user centered organization

From Good Experience:
Wawa is a much-loved chain of friendly, well-run convenience stores on the east coast. They’re particularly well known for their coffee… less known is the story of their first cup:

Russo was general manager of the Aston Township store, the second Wawa, 35 years ago, and one day he brought in a 30-cup percolator to make coffee for the staff. A customer noticed. “One gentleman asked if I would sell him a cup,” Russo said. “I put the money in the cash register.

Is there anything the people in your community often ask for that you can turn into a service? Color copies? Faxing? Assistance emailing photos?

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  1. As usual your post is totally timely! Having this, um, battle now at my library — hoping to get an effing fax machine…then the scanner…then the color printer.

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