drop, flop, pop

A librarian in Vermont sent me an email asking what boxes we’re using to circulate our Audible Otis players. They currently are using some tough (nylon?) bags that aren’t sturdy enough for the book drop, even a small one.

We use the Accessory Box from one of my favourites, the Container Store. They are 7.5” in depth, 6.6” in width ,and 3.625” high. Even though they would be sturdy enough for a book drop, the lip popping off is a concern, as would be the player flopping around. We’ve chosen to make it a “no book drop” item. $5 fine if the rule isn’t followed.

The library in Vermont has a slot-in-the-door type of return, so they need something slim. I don’t think these boxes will work. Any ideas?

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