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Most of us probably know that there are a few Instant Messaging networks competing for users. Because of this, IMming libraries might be best served by being available via all of them (as to not alienate any potential users).

Many people that find IM to be a killer app use Trillian to connect to all the major networks at the same time.

IM junkies know that If there’s no client available on a machine, there are web-based versions of the major IM networks:

AIM Express



Chances are that your patrons using these tools in your library. Maybe even as.you.speak! Anywho, now there’s a web-based Trillian like IM program that will let IMmers connect with 4 networks simultaneously. It is called meebo. It is in alpha right now, and many people are trying it out, so it is a bit slow.

I bring your attention to meebo because it might come in handy for you personally, or it might enable you to try out an IM program in your library if your IT department has the IM ports blocked.

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  1. I am quite interested in this topic and have just started playing around with Trilliam. The previous library that I worked in used MSN to collaborate at work and as a form of virtual reference. As a subject librarian, I am interested in using IM as another method of contact for faculty and students. I’ve played around a little with GoogleTalks as well.

    Do you just use an AIM account or do you offer multiple profiles through different IMs (msn, yahoo, etc.)?

  2. Chris,

    Sorry this is so late, but we use Trillian to connect w/ the three major networks for IM availability.

    A big list of libraries using IM for Reference can be found at LibSuccess.org

    Hope this helps.

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