google IM roundup

Evidently the rumors of a Google IM (Google Talk?) program are true. It is reported that Google will unveil an IM program tomorrow.

The interoperability of email made it easy for people to be interested in and switch to Gmail, but they won’t have that luxury. I’m very curious how they’ll try to lure the 41.6 million AIM users away from their product of choice (let alone the 19.1 million Y!M and 14.6 MSNM users).

It is possible to connect to using Trillian as a Jabber account, but it can’t be used because there is no way to set up accounts. [via big blueball, new york times, LA Times]

Ooh, imagine a merging of Google Talk and Google Maps. That could be fun!

update: If you’re chomping at the bit for this news, redirects to so that’s probably a good place to look.

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