DC Public Library Joins the Flickr Commons

I’m happy to finally be able to announce that the DCPL is now part of the Flickr Commons. The library’s photos just went public.

Among the photos there are images of buildings around DC, some colorized images, and portraits of people (many of which have awesome mustaches). One set of photos I like are the four cornerstones marking the boundary of Washington, DC.

If you want some information about what part of the DCPL’s massive photo archive is going into the collection you can visit the Flickr Commons project page on DCPL LABS.

Better yet, take a look at the post titled “Photo Contest: DC Then & Now” to see how the library is encouraging people to interact with its photos.

The quick summary: to enter the contest, people can submit photos related to the DCPL Commons to a Flickr group called DC Then & Now. The intention here is to get people interacting with our stuff and gently guide them to participating in something online that might be new to them.

Once again, this was a great team effort. Mark Greek uploaded the colorized images, Bill McClendon rescued image metadata, and Chris Tonjes assembled the team and signed off on the project.

Enjoy the photos and add some tags and geocode data if you into that kinda thing!

5 thoughts on “DC Public Library Joins the Flickr Commons”

  1. We are just tickled to see the DCPL in the Commons. If there’s anything we at Indicommons can do for you to help promote the DCPL in the Commons, please let us know!

    I love the cow.

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