greetings from mexico!

Right now I’m in Xalapa, Mexico for the Peer Learning Meeting of the Gates Foundation’s Global Libraries Project. People attending the meeting have either received, or will be receiving grants from the Gates Foundation and I’m along to talk about Web 2.0 and library usability.

We’re going to do a few site visits, including some Web enabled all-terrain buses that travel around Mexico providing access. Does that sound as cool to anyone else as it does to me?

Here I am in full turista mode at Zempoala, where Cortés headed after arriving in Mexico.

5 thoughts on “greetings from mexico!”

  1. Awesome. Robin Chase (of Zipcar fame) shared the same idea at ACRL: let’s use our EZPasses to do more than pay tolls and let’s use our cars to share the Internet. She calls it “excess capacity”. Read more about her thoughts ( and share more of yours!!! Have a great time.

  2. I also had the opportunity to attend this great meeting in Xalapa, definitely one of the best experiences ever.

    Bruce, we didn’t have the opportunity to try many food for vegeterians, but ask Aaron how was our Taco Tour in Los Sauces Market. Tacos de oreja, lengua, pastor, chicharron, cueritos mmm what a delicious stuff jaja. Maybe Aaron want to share some pics.

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