IM vs. Web-based Chat

UPDATE: Hmm, my comments seem to have been moderated off the blog. I guess it is a staff-type internal blog, but it isn’t password protected and the comments appeared posted without being approved. Oh well, maybe someone there saved my thoughts and will email me so I can paste them in here.

Steven M. Cohen pointed me to a blog post discussing an article that Sarah and I wrote for “Online.” The article isn’t up on the “Online” website yet (and I don’t know for certain if it’ll be available there for free) but I did find a pdf of it in EBSCO’s MasterFILE Elite. (They have a thing for capitalization).

The author of the post agrees with “almost everything” we wrote, but has some (constructive) criticism about the depth of the article, and the balance of it.* After his post (which has some great ideas about starting a cooperative VR service using IM) I address what he saw as the article’s shortcomings. I hope the conversation continues over there or here.

Now of only the article was available…

*In a sentence: If they would have given us the whole magazine, we would have filled it. ;)

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    on a slow day, i promise to figure out how to warn commenters and automate the process a little better.

    more later i hope.

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