you are looking at a cult/occult website

[update: rochelle get’s it all right in her post Cult of Ranganathan Busted by SonicWALL. p.s. i wonder anyone know off the top of their head how i get this site unlisted? if not, i’ll look back and report.]

Good morning all.

I visited Panera* earlier today to get some coffee and wireless. Attempting to put something up on this site, I was greeted with a friendly notice from their SonicWall:

This was funny and sad.

So what do you think this site could be a cult of? Perhaps IM in libraries. I’m reminded of one of the funniest things said to me at the conference. Marydee Ojala quipped one morning, “Aaron, sooner or later, those two letters just come out of your mouth!”

*It broke my streak of not going to chain establishments, but my usual cafe haunt isn’t open on Monday mornings. I don’t blame them. ;)

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  1. Man, this crap is top secret! SonicWall has used the Cybernot list, but I can’t find any current info, or an appeal process for it. It looks like you can have a site unblocked at the local level (your friendly Panera IT person), but how to get it removed from the SonicWall blacklist appears to be a state secret. I’m working on it, though.

    “SonicWALL Content Filtering can be customized to add or remove specific URLs from the blocked list and to block specific keywords.”

  2. Well, from this page (that has no date):

    SW mentions two partnerships – a) Cerberian

    which was recently acquired by BlueCoat systems and there is this page to request a site to be reviewed and it says that your site has not been reviewed yet –

    The other partnership is with WebSense. They have this site:

    where you have to register with a valid educational or organizational e-mail address – and I am not giving them that.

  3. I came across your blog through the MLS website. Good job, it’s quite an interesting read. As far as your SonicWall problem, you can use this url to view the current rating for your site and request a re-rating:

    From what I can tell, your site is rated as the following:

    The URL
    is currently rated as:

    Category 35: Usenet News Groups
    Category 41: Society and Lifestyle

    Hope this helps! I’ve had much experience dealing with wrongly filtered SonicWall happenings, so let me know if I can be of any more help!

    Jim Frank
    Head of Computer Services
    Berwyn Public Library

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