While clicking through some of the links on Casey Bisson’s post about Scriblio 2.7 I came across the Collingswood Public Library’s website.

It has the biggest searchbox I’ve ever see on a library website or maybe any website period. And I like it.
Yes it is nearly novelty size, but it is easy to see and use. I bet you might not have even noticed the little searchbox at the upper right.

6 thoughts on “biggest.searchbox.ever”

  1. Yeah! I don’t know whether I’m turning into an old man or web 2.0 style has made me accustomed, but I find myself increase text size all of the time too.

  2. Thanks, though all credit for good design goes to Casey and all blame for design mistakes to me. I picked the Mistylook theme, which is nice for blogs, but didn’t work as well as I thought it would for a library website. The main problem, as Aaron pointed out, is the search box in the upper-right got lost in the shuffle, even after Casey supercharged it with nifty prompts (Books, Movie, etc.) and dropdown search suggestions (start typing and you’ll see what I mean). The new, BIGGER search box has helped tremendously.

  3. Came across a good explanation of this phenom on the disambiguity blog a little while ago:

    “the size of the search element is a show of faith in the ability of the…search to ‘do the job’ in finding the information. Generally speaking, search on sites is rubbish and a conventional positioning carries this expectation of rubbish-ness.

    The bold positioning of the search element here says – search is the right option for finding what you’re looking for. Give it a try.”

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