package design, the crowd and bullying(?)

Orange juice stalwart Tropicana redesigned their cartons and people went bananas.
People seemed to hate the way it looked, citing that it reminded them of a store brand. The less subjective criticism was that people were having a difficult time distinguishing the different varieties of OJ. Tropicana felt the wrath of a relatively small number of geeks that emailed, tweeted and complained on Facebook and then scrapped the redesign.

While on one hand I think it is kinda neat that Tropicana listened to (some) of their customers and made changes in response, but on the other I can’t help but feel like they got bullied.

A recent packaging success is for a new line of Haagen-Dazs ice cream called, simply, five.
They’re emphasizing the idea of less and simplicity.

By the way, what are the best resources to learn more about how libraries are advertising? The M-Word is a great source for library marketing info, but I’m interested in particular in the best ways libraries bring their services to people’s attention.

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