you may or may not get this

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[update: welcome MeFi, especially other members of the MeFi Librarian Posse. you might have seen my posts under the name ArcAm. cheers!]

21 thoughts on “you may or may not get this”

  1. What’s killing me is that the SLIS T-shirt design contest just closed. ’Cuz, man, I woulda been SO tempted to ask you if I could swipe this!

    Fortunately, the design that did win is cool in its own right.

    Stickers? Stickers! STICKERS!!! :)

  2. I want a sticker, for sure. In fact, although I’ve never done this before, I’m wondering where I get some high quality sticker paper and how I feed it through the office printer, to make my own.

  3. Faceted classification! Deep Joy – it all comes flooding back – wet Tuesday afternoons in Aberystwyth playing with colonic subject headings on subjects I had no idea about such as Road Construction. Library school at it’s best!!!

    Every books it’s reader – every web site it’s reader – every blog it’s reader… it’s still pertinent today!!!

  4. If that ever makes a cafepress appearance, please let me know – stickers or buttons would be the perfect party favor at Rangapalooza this year! Or, actually, any year….

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